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Beachwood heating & cooling air ductThe City of Beachwood has since grown from a population of 151 in 1915 to a population numbering well over 12,000 recorded in 2013. It is a bustling metropolis with great shopping, fine dining, and thousands of businesses servicing every kind of customer need in the Cleveland area. Although change is good, it can also bring about unforeseen challenges. Our Beachwood Budget heating and cooling customers find that with the influx of visitors and increase in residents in the city, poor air quality is a real concern.  Heightened occurrences of allergic reactions and respiratory infections have sent our Beachwood Budget customers to their local hardware and home stores looking for solutions to fix the air quality problems within their homes.

We find that many of our customers have purchased air purifiers / cleaners thinking that this will reduce allergens and toxins, producing better indoor air quality and ridding them of the onset of health issues, only to find that is not the result at all. Or they are steered in the direction to purchase a humidifier which they believe will improve the air quality by adding moisture to the air, making their indoor air overall healthier for them. While air purifiers and humidifiers have very different functions, both can help clean indoor air and reduce respiratory distress.

Air Purifiers
The function of an air purifier is to remove particles or other pollutants from the air by using a mechanical filter to separate the matter of an electrostatic method to trap electrically charged particles.

During winter months the dry air can cause chapped skin and contribute to respiratory problems. Adding moisture to the air, by using a humidifier, can not only reduce dry skin, decrease breathing problems but also lessen coughing outbreaks, reduce static electricity and prevent wooden furniture from cracking.

Helpful Tips: Air Purifier vs. Humidifier
While we see that both have great benefits, they do not both come with health warnings. Some air purifiers produce ozone, while it does remove dirt and odors from the air, ozone has been implicated in producing inflammation in the respiratory system and worsening asthma symptoms. So choosing an air purifier that is “ozone free” is vital to eliminate any further health problems to someone already plagued with respiratory problems. 

It is vital that humidifiers be regularly kept clean. The standing water in humidifiers can be a home for bacteria, mold and fungi. When turned on it releases these harmful agents into your home’s air contaminating the air quality. Humidifiers that use heat called “steam” or “warm air” humidifiers are prone to mineral build-up and their filters harbor bacteria and molds.

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