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Maintenance and Repair on a furnace in Parma OhioRising energy costs, high energy efficiency products, reduce energy consumption….these are all thoughts that our Parma heating and cooling service customers have when they are faced with replacing their HVAC system. Researching products and certified companies can be a daunting but necessary task. Our budget conscious Parma customers trust our expert technicians at Budget to care, guide and support them with this investment. While we know that our customers focus on the type, efficiency, size and cost of the unit they will purchase. It’s Budget that looks out for all of the small but equally important items that our customers may overlook.

For instance, our Parma heating and cooling customers, overlook the ducts & ductwork that will be carrying the heated or cooled air throughout their home. Customer who have purchased a brand new high energy efficient HVAC system expect to see a reduction in their energy bills not an increase. However, the condition of your ductwork is vital to the success of your HVAC system in heating and cooling your home efficiently. Since most duct systems in homes are designed too small for the equipment that they are connected too, it is important to have a certified trusted reputable HVAC Budget technician to inspect your entire ductwork to make certain that it is the correct size for your unit. Ductwork that is too small causes the system to strain mechanically and can be noisy. Oversized ductwork is costly and does not maintain the proper desired airflow.

It is strongly recommended to our Parma heating and cooling customers if they are opting to have their ductwork replaced at a later date, beyond when their new HVAC system in installed, to make certain they use a qualified installation technician. Poorly installed ductwork will result in poor performance, bad air flow, leaky duct systems which will ultimately result in higher utility bills!

We know how much of a financial investment our Parma heating and cooling customers have made in their new HVAC system and would want them to get the best and highest performance from their system for years to come. In order for that to be a reality though, Budget stresses the importance of hiring qualified people to custom design and install your system from start to finish.

The bottom line is to receive the full benefits of your HVAC system, reduce your energy consumption, and reduce your energy costs and to maintain a safe level of comfort within your home. We take pride in helping our Parma heating and air conditioning customers to achieve just that.

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