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Maintenance and Repair on an air conditioning unit in Westlake OhioThe extreme winter weather temperatures in Westlake can wreak havoc on our heating systems. Our HVAC systems have to work twice as hard to heat up the sub-zero air outside in order to keep our homes warm and cozy on the inside. There are many different HVAC systems that are available. We find that our Westlake customers have chosen systems such as gravity or forced-air furnaces and boilers, to help them achieve and maintain this level of comfort.

Budget understands that many of our Westlake heating and cooling customers have HVAC systems that are original to their home or building. Homes such as The Weston House or The Claque Museum are structures dating back to the 1800’s that are still being utilized within the Westlake community. These are such structures that may be using boilers to run hot water through radiators or baseboard heat to keep these building interiors comfortable in the cold winter months.

We always have tips for our customers to help maintain their HVAC system and keep it running at optimum performance. The key to keeping a boiler in tip top shape is to have a proactive maintenance program. To do so, it is suggested that a homeowner or building maintenance personnel should keep a daily record or checklist. This checklist should record daily the water levels, low water cut off tests, blow down water column, blow down boiler, visual check of combustion, boiler operating pressure and temperature, condensate temperature, feed water pump operation, flue gas temperature, gas pressure, oil pressure and temperature, general boiler and burner operation. Keeping this checklist up to date will provide a base line for a Budget technician to compare any critical readings against.

This will allow a Budget Westlake technician to pinpoint, diagnose and repair any faulty problem within your boiler system. Since our Westlake customers have such a rich history preserved in the homes and buildings from their original settlers, Budget has developed specialized heating and cooling services specifically to maintain those treasured gems. However, our expert technicians can also assess when an HVAC system is no longer performing at its highest level of efficiency. A Budget technician can recommend and install for our customer the most cost efficient HVAC system to keep their structure heated to an optimum level of comfort for years to come.

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