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Maintenance and Repair on a furnace in Rocky River OhioOften we find at Budget Heating and Air Conditioning that like most homeowner Rocky River residents value the readily available hot water that flow from their faucets on demand. However, the source of that hot water… the water heater, once installed is almost completely forgotten. Well that is, until the unit fails to provide hot water due to some faulty component or completely bursts leaving its contents flooding the area in which it's installed.

As Rocky River’s leading heating and cooling service provider, Budget wants to provide some simple tips to help you maintain the life of your water heater. The normal life expectancy of a water heater is around a decade. However, by following these three simple steps yearly, you can extend the life of your water heater. A well-maintained water heater has been known to last for 20 years or more.

3 Easy Maintenance Tips:

  • Turn Down the Temperature. Check your water heater temperature setting. It should be between 115 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This lowered setting allows your tank not to overheat and it reduces the amount of energy used to heat the water. This simple step alone will save you money on your heating bill.
  • Test the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve. The temperature and pressure valve, also known as T&P, is critical to the safe and proper operation of your hot water tank. The valve is located about ¾ up along the side of your tank and is attached to a pipe. It should be marked as the ‘relief valve’. To check to see if the valve is functioning properly just pull upwards on the lever and allow it to snap back. You should hear a gurgling sound as water is released into the drain tube. That tells you that the valve is working properly. However, if nothing happens, then the valve is bad and needs to be replaced.
  • Perform a mini-flush. A full water tank flush is best, but this needs the water tank to be off to be performed. However, a mini-flush works well, allows you to complete it while the hot water tank is running and it is successful in removing some sediments that collect at the bottom of the tank. Removal of these sediments prevent rust, corrosion and improve the efficiency of your tank.

Although these three steps can be performed rather simply by the homeowner, if anyone feels limited in time or ability, your Budget technician will gladly perform these tasks at your annually scheduled HVAC check-up. As your Rocky River heating and cooling specialist, we gladly bring our 30 years of experience into your home to help keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

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