Is a New HVAC System Going to Add Value to my Home?

Are you selling your home in the near future - maybe five years from now? If you are, then you want to evaluate properly your planned renovation projects to make sure you get as much value from them as possible.

Large remodeling projects – especially HVAC renovations - are inevitable in any home and as they add value to your property and make it more appealing to buyers, you want to invest in one that is worth the expenditure.

Is my New HVAC System a Worthy Deal?

Fact: you will only recoup 35-50% of the initial cost of a new HVAC system by the time you sell your property, but without it, you may not be able to attract buyers. Potential homeowners really keep up on the state of the HVAC system and so a well-maintained one that is working as expected will grab their attention.

While customers may not even notice that your system is new, they’ll certainly note if it is broken or worn out. The key to deciding whether to replace your HVAC is first determining that it is needed and whether its renovation would add value to your home. New technology has improved the performance of these systems and made them more effective at energy consumption.

Here are things to consider to determine whether a new system will add value to your property:

  • Does the location of your home necessitate air conditioning? An HVAC system will not add value to your property if it is located in an area where air conditioning isn’t essential during the summer months.

  • How old is your current system? If it is over 15 years old, then it will likely require a replacement of ductwork that could be too expensive, since you can’t recoup that cost. You may want to pass.

  • Does your current system work perfectly? If so, then you do not fix what is not broken!

Choosing an HVAC System That will Add Value to Your Home

If you have decided that you will need a new heating and cooling system to sell your Cleveland property, then it is time to find the one that adds the most value.

Go Green

Everyone is going green, and you want to fit in too if this is going to earn you points with potential buyers.

The more energy-efficient the system is, the more money it saves a potential buyer, and the more valuable it will be.

Size Matters

Modern HVAC systems take up less space, leaving more room for the potential homeowner. Also, these smaller units are aesthetically appealing.

The size of an HVAC unit matters. Too small and it will struggle with maintaining the desired temperature. Too big and it wastes space and energy.

Can I Get Away with Replacing Parts Instead of the Entire HVAC Unit?

Renovations take up too much money and so you may certainly want to get rid of unnecessary expenses. If there is a way you could replace some parts of your HVAC unit instead of replacing the entire thing, then you can surely choose that option. These are some of the factors that will determine whether this is possible.

The Unit's Age

An HVAC unit that is over 20 years old is quite tricky to sell, so you may have to replace it regardless of the cost. This is the only way you can grab a buyer’s attention.

A good rule of thumb is: take the age of your unit and multiply it by the cost of repair. If it is more than $5,000, then it would be cheaper to replace than to repair that system.

The Location

Do you live in an area that does not require air conditioning? Then you might get away with replacing only a few parts that need attention. Otherwise, you should replace the entire unit.

Proper HVAC Installation is Vital

A new HVAC system is expensive and so you should only hire a qualified technician to install it. This not only protects the system, but it also ensures that it works as it should. Also worth noting is that warranties are dependent on professional installation. If you did it yourself, and some parts fail to work as they should, your warranty could be voided. That's why it is always best to contact experienced heating and cooling technicians, like the ones at Budget Heating & Air Conditioning in Cleveland, to service your HVAC units. Contact us today for a quote!

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