Do You Really Need An Annual Furnace Inspection?

Many homeowners are wondering if their furnaces really need to be inspected or “tuned up” by professional HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technicians every year. They do not seem to understand the need since their furnaces do not have spark plugs that need “tuning up” as cars do. At the very least, they believe that they can do the process themselves instead of paying for a service fee.

If you have the same concerns in mind, this article will address the topic of furnace inspection or maintenance, so you will learn more about it.

Is there a Need for a Yearly Furnace Inspection?

Considering how furnace manufacturers are essentially the “creator/inventor” of your furnace, shouldn’t their opinion matter when you are deciding whether your furnace needs to be inspected or maintained by a qualified HVAC specialist? Keep in mind that manufacturing companies know what’s best for your furnace.

If you are curious, try reading the fine prints in your warranty, and you will surely find a statement or two saying that the guarantee does not cover any damage to the unit caused by faulty maintenance work. While this does not specifically require a yearly maintenance for the warranty to be effective, it surely implies that the company recommends furnace maintenance. It’s just like getting a regular medical exam even though you are not sick, you may not need it per se, but all doctors would recommend it since prevention is better than a cure.

How Would an HVAC Technician “Tune Up” the Furnace?

The kind of service you will receive from an HVAC technician will depend on several factors, such as the company he works for, and the price of the service. Naturally, a two-hundred-dollar maintenance work or tune up would be very different than when you use a Groupon deal worth 30 bucks.

Considering that different HVAC companies differ in providing a tune-up or maintenance service, you should specifically ask the details or the specific types of work that constitute the service they are offering. To give you an idea of what should comprise a maintenance check-up, below is a list of tasks that HVAC technicians should carry out during an annual inspection according to furnace manufacturers:

  • Inspection of the entire vent system for possible blockage or leakage.

  • Evaluation of the combustion gases based on unit specifications.

  • Inspection of the blower access door.

  • Inspection of the fresh intake grills and louvers for possible obstruction.

  • Inspection of the heat exchanger for rust and deterioration.

  • Inspection of the burners to ensure proper ignition.

  • Inspection of the drainage system for possible leakage and obstruction, as well as cleaning of the condensate drain and trap.

  • Inspection and cleaning (if needed) of the blower wheel.

  • Evaluation of the blower motor based on a listed standard.

  • Inspection of wiring for possible rusting and deterioration.

  • Inspection of filters.

  • Testing and evaluation of air pressure, gas pressure, and temperature rise.

Can You Do the Furnace Maintenance Work Yourself?

Yes, you can do so if you have the skills and knowledge to carry out the different types of work mentioned on the list above. In other words, you can do it yourself if you are an HVAC specialist; otherwise, it would be almost impossible for you to do proper furnace maintenance.

To get the value for your money, make sure that the HVAC company you're considering is clear about the things they will do during the maintenance work. If their technician would do most of the items on the list, then you are getting a good service.

Should You Really Invest Over a Hundred Dollars Annually for Professional Furnace Maintenance Work?

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t focus so much on the expense but on the value of the service. You may be spending about $150 or even more for a professional maintenance fee, but you can be assured that you wouldn’t be caught without proper heating in a middle of a cold night just because your furnace broke down. Regular furnace maintenance will not only protect your unit, but it will also save you money on repair and replacement cost in the future.

Get Annual Furnace Inspections From Expert Heating and Cooling Professionals

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